For what I thought was my last meal in Atlanta my daughter asked if I’d like to go to a good salad place. My response was swift, “Not really.” You see when you grow most of your own food and are definitely a locovore one thing you have in the summer is salad, a lot of greens and fresh veggies. Since the tacqueria my mouth was watering for had a line coming out the door , we opted for a sushi place in her old hood but alas not only had it changed names but was not open for lunch. Community Bakery which was on the next block with good home cooking and bake goods so we split a friend chicken sandwich with pimento cheese and grits in stead of chips. A truly nice taste of southern cooking with which to head home.

Little did I know I wouldn’t be heading home that day. BUT when I did get home , Natureman went out to the garden to create a gorgeous salad for dinner.

Take a look.

Truly kissed by the sun even on the dinner table. Drizzled in Natureman’s Thousand Island dressing was a bowl filled with four different types of greens, (arrugula being my favorite for its sharpness) baby carrots, purple onion, tomato , banana pepper, cucumber and lily petals. I decided I didn’t want one of the girls’s eggs as it was perfect as it was. Fresh garden home cooking.

Have a great weekend filled with sunshine.


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