Fun’ Raising vs Fund Raising

What is fun? Is it something that makes you feel good and you want to go back for more? People’s choices and ideas of fun activities can vary a great deal. Natureman refers to a long bike ride as fun and I’m thinking that was arduous, I don’t call that fun. Different strokes for different folks, right?

Last night almost a dozen women came over for our annual dinner gathering marking the 13th anniversary of our Rosh Chodesh group. Usually we have a larger attendance but some folks were out of town/ entertaining out of town visitors . If I tell you the group’s associated with the New Moon each month, I can imagine some eyes rolling. You see, it is a spirtuality group which has programming that is sometimes more fun than others. As I shared a bit of history for some new faces I made a comment about how it’s not a group based on fundraising which many women’s groups are. It’s not that we haven’t done charitable actions together in the past ie collections for shelters/pantries but that’s not the group’s purpose. We’re together to celebrate the new moon and nurture our souls sprinkled with learning and sharing.

Around the table our ages spanned decades, 20’s + and our brainstorming for this upcoming year’s programs varied ranging from serious discussions to the arts from which hopefully each member can also encounter some fun. It is always fun to spend time with these women…

One thought on “Fun’ Raising vs Fund Raising

  1. Looks like a nice group of ladies to share time with. The new moon is as good an excuse as any to get together. Who doesn’t like the Moon.


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