Houdini ‘s Disappearing Act

As you may remember our rescue dog Balto is known for his escapism and wears Houdini as his nickname. What we didn’t know is he does other magic tricks.

This past July 4th weekend he worked his magic on Jennifer’s special watermelon birthday cake.

Here’s our firecracker birthday girl Jennifer with her cake … Only that’s not what her cake looked like when I placed it in the cooler before dinner.

Due to the heat and lack of refrigerator space, I had purchased a 2 lb bag of ice for our largest cooler and placed the decorated cake on its glass pedestal inside to keep it cool and beautiful. This is not what the cake I put into the cooler looked like 3 hours earlier.

Yes, the real watermelon cake with almond flavored whipping cream, slivered almonds encircling it, topped with blueberries and strawberries which niece Netanya worked diligently applying fresh whipped cream and her Mom and I helped add the slivered almonds and fruit up was no longer…

We can attest the whipping cream was yummy and so can Balto as ‘Houdini’ had worked his magic. He had opened the cooler and poof ! returned it to its original watermelon state along with a couple bites off the top.

Nobody can stay upset with our house magician. Not even Natanya nor our birthday girl Jennifer who now has quite a birthday cake story to share.

(Fortunately the other half of the watermelon was in the fridge and we had more fruit…)

I bet Balto has many more disappearing tricks up his sleeve right here in the End of the Rainbow Valley…

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