I’m not saying I pullover for just anything. Garage sales do beckon me but a Kodak moment definitely has my name on it. With all the rain that’s been dumping the blooms have gone crazy.

Last week it was lilies I stopped to admire and the homeowner even came off his porch to speak with me. He said if I liked his front yard his backyard would wow me. He pointed me down his side walkway with an offer to take as long as I wanted. Gardeners loves it when others appreciate their plantings. What a show those lilies were giving!

Then this week I took a different side road home and there calling my name was a spectacular patch of hollyhocks roadside. They always remind me of country gardens.

Do you have some recent special blooms to share? Send them my way…

In case you missed it last week’s FOTO FRIDAY was

One thought on “FOTO FRIDAY: STOP

  1. Gardeners are the nicest people and they do love to show off their flowers. Beautiful photos. When I lived in Arizona years ago I grew double hollyhocks. The bloom looked like a large carnation.

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