One of my favorite parts of summer is music in the parks whether it’s Wednesday nights concert band / Thursday’s Moon Tunes/ Sunday’s Music in Holmen… The weather can be iffy or one might be blessed with a nice breeze with little insect interference as we were this past Wednesday.

On Wednesdays we might pick up a sub/ pack a picnic and enjoy it in Riverside International Gardens enjoying all the new blooms. This Wednesday it was a picnic dinner. Besides seeing visitors of all ages, there’s usually a crew of Master Gardeners busy keeping the gardens in pristine shape deadheading, pruning / watering. I find myself wishing I could have a crew come out to the End of the Rainbow Valley to help me regain control of my flower garden. Between rain and insects, the wild look seems to be its goal. No matter what, gardens are putting on quite a show in blooms, mine just have way too many weeds. Ho hum.

After the gardens we enjoyed the La Crosse Concert Band’s program of Outlander: War, Time Travel & Love directed by Elissa Kinstler. I hadn’t read the Outlander books but had just finished watching the series on Netflix. Brittany Thummel, Viterbo graduate and Bangor middle/high school music teacher’s lovely voice graced us as the soloist in two of the evening’s program with Skye Boat Song and Culloden’s Harvest. The entire program was delightful accompanied by snippets of the story and why specific music was chosen. Earle of Oxford’s March, Scotland, A Heritage of Song, French National Defile Song, Scotland the Brave for the Children’s March completed the program.

Since the new bandshell is being constructed, folks definitely need to remember their folding chairs/ blankets. It’s always great to join our community in taking advantage of the wonderful free music programs happening in a city park especially with a backdrop of the Mississippi River.

Hope you take time in your communities to take advantage of rubbing shoulders with your townsfolk in a public park whether it’s for a delightful musical event, stroll /picnic. It’s your tax dollars at work for all of us…

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