Do you know what a coffee klatch is? It’s origin is German, kaffeeklatch = coffee + gossip. In the 50’s our Moms would coffee klatch/clatch with the neighbors as it was a time when women were stay-at-home moms. The coffee klatch served as our moms’s adult time with the kids being at school/ playing together outside/ another part of the house.

This term might be extinct but the trend is resurging as coffee shops are en vogue. Instead of meeting in homes women might meet up at the local Star Bucks/ coffee house. My Jazzercise gals are evidence of the revival of sharing both coffee and gossip after class now 3x/week.

After leaving the gals today heading home there on the hillside before my turn were 4 adult sandhill cranes. I thought it was really nice that they too have a coffee klatch...

You realize everybody needs a chance to get out of the house every once in a while.

Did you catch last week’s FOTO FRIDAY? Here’s the ‘Croaked’ link:


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