2014 5 years ago…

There is so much to tell about the 2014 weekend’s car trip to volunteer at M.O.M, Mission of Mercy, the state’s free dental clinic across the state in Green Bay.  So I am going to start in the middle. Hey, it’s my blog…
En route to M.O.M. 2013 friend Lynn and I made a wrong turn due to a GPS and Mapquest discrepancy outside of Lake Geneva and as a result we discovered an unexpected ostrich farm. What a great photo op! Then, the following year after our shift in Green Bay as we headed home, we made a wrong turn in Manitowoc which landed us here that late Saturday afternoon…

Yep, Ostrich Fest… 

How could we not follow the signs? 

This was a definite omen.

The deal is this once backyard musical get together had grown so large that its host Mike Oswald, a young lawyer, had it moved to the city fair grounds.  

We met Mike and he shared how this all began from his desire to meet at a girl at meat packing plant. Why was she there? She had brought her ostriches to be processed … and the rest is history – as is the girl now but fortunately the event still includes ostriches. 

There weren’t ostrich races but there was amazing music…

Vic and Gab, a dynamic Milwaukee duo were the first group we heard, followed by The Nat’l Parks.

Take a look at their musical lineup

And while enjoying the festivities,  we also had to have dinner. After all, it was dinner-time.

Why Ostrich burgers, of course!
And you know what? They are mighty tasty… another first.

And a very good time was had by all in attendance, especially us. 

So you see, a wrong turn made a great day into an even better one…

Hmmm, I wonder what ostrich event awaits us next year en route to

 M.O. M.?

PS I noticed Chandler AZ had an Ostrichfest in March 2019. Does anybody know if it’s still taking place in Manitowoc?


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