Holy Holes…

Considering all that is going on in the world sometimes even we here in the End of the Rainbow Valley get a little too preoccupied with mundane problems such as raccoons destroying gardens/ insects taking over our world.

This past summer we actually had our fabric screening replaced with metal screening since the birds had pecked so many holes in our screened porch we were sharing space with not only big insects but birds as well. That’s a nice sized hole when a bird can fit through it.

Yesterday now almost a year later as we ‘re enjoying being in our screened in porch and I’m assessing necessary cleaning and I look up at a screen and lo and behold there are holes in them. Holy Cow, Batman, holes in metal screening. Boy have we been duped / what?

Those are some mighty strong beaks grown right here in the End of the Rainbow Valley. Holy Holes… You think you’ve fixed a problem and then Mother Nature just laughs at you.

Here’s the original post regarding my b-day gift last year. https://chaseburg.blogspot.com/2018/08/fogged-in.html

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