Sally, our August Happy Booker’s hostess, went all out for a summer meeting in 2014  for our discussion of Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Kitchen Confidential.’  Unfortunately even then we couldn’t have Bourdain present as he had bigger fish to fry and now he has left this world for a much bigger kitchen. His words through books, youtube , documentaries, tv programming,etc… live on and encourage trying new recipes . We were all glad to be guinea pigs on that lovely August day as we discussed what goes on in a kitchen whether it be a restaurant /one’s own home. 

Since the author’s love of food began on the water the first time Bourdain tried fresh oysters as a child in France on a fishing boat, we too met on the water in ‘French’ Island no less embibing the waters of the ‘Mississippi.’ Say that with a French accent. 

Our light lunch included Vichyssoise, a yummy cold potato and leek soup, soft Brie cheese with thick French baguette slices, Chicken Salad with Cranberries vs the Tuna Nicoise with Anchovies as one of us is not a big fish fan, Crudites, bite size cut raw veggies served with Dill Dip along with our wine spritzers with a touch of peach liqueur. 

The Piece d’ Resistance was an interactive dessert, Cherry Clafouti, a souffle pudding for which we were instructed to embellish our plates drizzling chocolate designs and tooth pick artistry..

If a book inspires this much creativity who cares if we really liked the eccentric chef, larger than life author, who wrote the book.  He certainly taught us about trying new foods while becoming better world citizens in learning about other cultures and caring for other peoples.

Here’s to enjoying what you put in your mouth and letting your body enjoy being an amusement park in your gastronomic endeavors…  

Sometimes maybe less is more… LOL

                                        Bon appétit.

I snapped this pic in Paris where I tried Clafoutis every chance I could…

Link for Cherry Clafoutis

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