Some of you may remember those cherished study breaks when you just couldn’t look at another review question. During my very last semester finals week, a housemate and I had a master scheme to make 300 silk roses. I guess she must have really wanted to procrastinate with me…

At the end of that upcoming summer of ’76, yours truly was getting married and I had decided to make the wedding centerpieces for the sit down dinner. Let me also explain this was before the craft market had perfected making silk flowers and you could run down to Michael’s and buy a pretty nice replica on sale. To say it was a labor of love would be an understatement and for those of you who have tackled this type of project will understand when I tell you I swore off ever making another silk rose…

Besides my own family’s life cycles I have helped numerous organizations and friends with their party decorations over the years whether it was birthdays, their/their children’s weddings/bar/bat mitzvahs, etc… but I have never made another silk rose.

So when my son asked me if I would think about table decorations for his upcoming wedding I perused Pinterest’s wedding category (btw such a blessing), roses kept appearing…

It donned on me that it was not too long ago I had come across a forgotten plastic bin of those saved white roses which over the years have become part of my daughter’s cotillion nosegays/ boutinieres for her beaus for dances, additions to package wrapping, etc… I wondered what condition those flowers were after all this time. Had they yellowed / were unrecognizable as roses?

Take a look.

Placed beside a real white rose…

Not bad, right?

Granted some were crushed and unusable even if steamed but others looked fine.

It took an entire evening to remove the pins holding them on the styrofoam bases covered with netting and some dripped candle wax and attached lilies of the valley. It was necessary to know how many there were before proposing the idea to the kids.

After bagging a dozen at a time, would you believe after all these years there were still almost 140 ? Definitely doable.

To be truthful I’m not sure roses are the right choice for my kids but at least you and I know if you need some roses, I’d be thrilled to pass them on to you!

One thought on “A ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROSE…

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