Have you noticed how everything that is packaged, the amount/size of the ingredients has gotten smaller? The size of that can of gravy has shrunk.

Well, yesterday I felt the same thing happen because it was time for me to sign up for what we used to refer to as our country’s gravy train, Social Security. Besides the feeling I can’t even be this old yet, the monthly check amount doesn’t cover one’s monthly living expenses now, does it? Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than nothing.

But it does certainly cause concern about those up in D.C. deciding our senior population’s fate with monies that were earned by us their constituents over our life time.

Social Security years?

3 thoughts on “GRAVY TRAIN

  1. I’m living on a small pension now, but will get SS later this year (my “full year”) and then my income will double. So far, by reducing extras like trips and eating out, the pension has been enough. I’ve dipped into savings for a couple of non-necessary splurges. I’m lucky to have no debt or major health issues and a small paid for home. It definitely would not be enough if I had high med costs, high rent, or had to support a dependent. The original plan was SS+savings+pension. But most don’t have much savings and don’t have pensions (or their pensions were pulled out from under them.) What if we worked to ensure pensions and facilitate savings while ending the SS cap?


  2. Social Security started during the Roosevelt administration was an insurance program for the elderly living in poverty and also for disability. It was vehemently opposed by the Republicans as it was seen as socialism. We still hear echoes of this sentiment. Employees have no control over their pensions and many thought this was a nest egg. Pensions need to be ensured as you implied and lifting the cap would definitely provide monies needed.


  3. Yes, the gravy train has run off and left the struggling majority of all us common – struggling, every day folks. Thanks for the laugh – enjoyed the cartoon.


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