TBT: Lupines

20 years ago when I lived in the South I joined the Arkansas Master Gardeners on their international trip to England and the Chelsea Flower Show. They returned this year and their photos definitely got the nostalgia going.

It was my first exposure to lupines a flower that can’t grow in Arkansas but can in Wisconsin. Another MG trip to New Zealand also showed off lupines’s endurance as they thrived in the rocks. It’s one of my favorite summer flowers.

New Zealand’s field of lupine at the rocky water’s edge

They are doing splendidly this year but I don’t want to wish this past cold winter and very wet spring to repeat itself. Here’s a pic of lupines in our flower bed from a previous year. I can’t wait !

Botanical Name: Lupinus
Common Name: Lupine, bluebonnet
Plant Type: Mostly perennial, although some are annual
Mature Size: 1 to 5 feet tall
Sun Exposure: Full or part sun
Soil Type: Well-draining soil
Soil pH: Slightly acidic to neutral
Bloom Time: Spring, summer
Flower Color: Red, white, cream, orange, pink, purple
Hardiness Zones: 3 through 7
Native Area: Mediterranean and Andes Mountains area

This year’s 2019 first blooming lupine

Do you have a favorite summer flower? Do share.

5 thoughts on “TBT: Lupines

  1. Lovely flowers. Hope things go well in your yard and garden this year. Getting ready to pick blackberries and blueberries here in Arkansas. Usually get 60 gallons of each – which we share with family and friends.


      1. Flooding washed garden away twice. Rain rotted seeds once, but no worry about any other part of our land flooding. A lot of people along the Arkansas Rive have lost their homes to flooding. Record flood levels this year.


  2. We too have been the recipients of too much rain and the lettuce /salad greens had to also be replanted. The Mississippi in the La Crosse area has had 66 days of waters being above flood level. The creek that borders our property has been over its banks way too often.


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