This week’s FOTO FRIDAY shares the unusual spring downpours we have been having. We knew rain was expected on the Sunday of El Cinco de Mayo when we had 2 life events to share with friends, a backyard baby shower and an inside going away party. We were at the latter inside event when the black clouds rolled in and decided to let loose.

We could have stayed dry and safe except for the fact Balto was at home and does not like it when the big Dog in the sky starts growling so we headed home with hopes that the storm either hadn’t hit the End of the Rainbow Valley yet/ was going to miss it. Our weather fronts can be that different with a 20 minute drive/ less.

The south side of La Crosse is known for flooding streets but we had never experienced it first hand. Even though the downpour had passed the water on a main thoroughfare had no where to go even with cleared drains roadside. For some reason some folks don’t realize if you speed through standing water that spray disperses water which can totally impede another motorist’s view of the road.

Those going slow and steady on inside lanes were spared some of the spray and deeper standing water. When we thought we were safe all of a sudden more weather dropped from the skies in the form of hail. Strange spring storms.

We made it home only to find out that Balto was so smart that he had opened the house door to let himself inside. Unlike us Balto is one smart dog to not be outside when a storm is brewing!


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