Never a Dull Moment

Did you ever notice when your ‘to do’ list is full something always adds itself to your plate? Well as I am figuring out how to do everything I want to accomplish in the next 24 hours, the dryer just stops.

The light load can’t possibly be done drying as I just checked it not even 5 minutes before. I open and close the dryer door again in case it wasn’t sealed properly. Push the start button and nothing. Has this ever happened to you? I yell to Natureman if he could flip the breaker box fuse for the dryer for me. But after I hear the switch flipping, I realize the dryer light is on. Hmmm… Natureman says maybe it’s a fuse.

Well, my predicament has obviously happened to others as a web search for ‘my dryer just stopped working’ reveals. The first video says it’s the door switch so I was on the right track but wait, the second video says be sure and check the thermal fuse first as it’s just a $5 part.

I bet you know what we’ll be doing today. As in all appliance work instructions include flip appliance off at the breaker. And to be extra safe, unplug. Hopes include not needing to call in a repairman. If we can’t fix the problem, I’m at a loss as I have always purchased my washer/dryer/ refrigerators from Sears.

Half of us uses the clothes line for drying. I bet you can guess which one. ( Just another reason he’s my Natureman.) I do love the fresh smell of sheets line dried but I’m not for air dried towels nor my clothes. This city mouse appreciates her dryer.

I knew I’d miss Sears… Stay tuned .

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