Have you heard the saying “There’s something rotten in Denmark”? Well in our case, our country. It has to do with destroying our faith in our democratic privilege and right to vote. Although neither Natureman nor I are big on conspiracy theories one has to admit something is definitely amiss with what’s happening in the political process of citizens voting whether it ‘d be ease, who votes where/ even if they’re allowed to vote.

FACT: Too few of our population exercise their right to vote.

Is it just apathy/ is something undermining people’s confidence in the system?

Most elections have a very underwhelming percentage of voters showing up to vote and can be won by a minor majority. In addition to voter apathy, especially since Obama was elected, certain interest groups have been strategizing to change not only who votes but where and how. One of these is the Americans for Prosperity run by the Koch Brothers who have been targeting state and local elections by pouring a lot of moola in to change election outcomes. Other strategies have included campaigns to not let students register on university campuses nor minorities ( including immigrants) register since they tend to vote democratic.

Amidst these changes are impractical polling place days and hours along with a jump through the hoops ID registration with long lines to dissuade voters. Many seniors/immigrants do not have driver’s license nor passports and in many cases birth certificates. The list also includes proof of residency with a bill and social security numbers. These voter restrictions are to suppress the minority and student vote. If you work, you cannot take off an entire day to stand in line to vote. Disenfranchisement should remain a thing of the past.

I learned the terminology ‘Red Maps’ which are targeted areas to push gerrymandering, the redrawing of voter districts to include the voters they want. If you look at the map, their money is having an effect on who’s making the decisions.

There’s what they call Pack and Crack by placing as few African Americans and Latinos in a district. Below is a re-districting of a Texas district.

Early voting is also being tampered with by changing how early one can place an absentee ballot. It was 17 days before the election and now it’s a week. Even 16 and 17 year olds used to be able to pre- register to vote. No longer.

One political slogan to gain this backwards change was EASY to VOTE EASY TO CHEAT claiming voter fraud . The incidence of a voters casting more than one vote has been proven over and over again as inconsequential. ie in one billion votes 31 incidents. So much time and money has been spent making false claims of fraud.

Big lies also abound regarding busses of illegals to vote. Simply fake news. Nobody even has photos of these lies.

Then, there are registered voters who are purged from the roll books with claims of inactivity/ wrong addresses that are verifiable. These voters are sent letters telling them they can no longer vote and must appear and present their case to be reinstated as voters.

The strategy of changing the Courts is in full swing. Remember when there was stalling to approve an appointee during Obama. It was all part of the right wing strategy. These seats determine policy and we do not need to move backwards.

We are going to have to fight returning to the Jim Crow days where folks are denied the right to vote . We need to not let others destroy our faith in democracy. Racism has no place in our country. I am not going to stay quiet regarding the ‘Rigging ‘ of our system. I hope you’ll join me…

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