TBT: Throw Back Thursday- Mother’s Day Weekend 2016

This week 3 years ago our family grew by adding Evan as a new family member in an Atlanta wedding on May 7. The weather was picture perfect that spring day.

Above Lori’s tallis (prayer shawl) from her bat Mitzvah covers the couple

There were a lot of personal touches in that wedding weekend. One of which many may not have realized was the beautiful chuppah (wedding canopy) built by Evan. He was lucky enough to have inherited his father’s love of woodworking and created the chuppah out of old porch posts. It was truly a labor of love.

The chuppah had been assembled and painted in the downstairs of the kids’s house. I was fortunate to be able to help paint it during one of my visits. Being vertically challenged, I helped with those posts’s lower halves. 🙂 So, one might understand when I say I have an invested interest in this chuppah’s future…

The day after the wedding the chuppah had been disassembled and returned to their home with the intention of one day becoming a focal point in their backyard with perhaps a bench and plantings. Well as we all know there are always so many projects to do with a new home… and then add a baby and those projects during their second year of marriage.

But who knows maybe by their 10th wedding anniversary…

Best wishes on your 3rd Lori & Evan!

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