We were lucky to be privvy to a Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR) free appreciation event last night for listeners at the La Crosse Distillery. It was great fun visiting with some of the folk whom we know by voice as radio hosts/ staff behind the scenes.

When we arrived Maureen McCollum, producer of “Wisconsin Life” who knows Natureman asked if he’d take a photo of her with some friends. I’m still chuckling as he doesn’t even have a cell phone. (I’m usually the photographer in our family.)

We , on the other hand had Jeffrey Potter, Director of Marketing who was toting a serious camera, take our photo with our friends Lynn and Royce.

Potter is the right guy in his PR position as he was formidable and very informative sharing WPR’s history and raison d’etre. Did you know WPR is the oldest public radio station in the country? It has offered education for its citizens across the state for a little more than a 100 years. Many national radio personalities got their start in Wisconsin. The number of listeners has never been better and in every age group. That’s great news knowing that the future of Public Radio is secure.

Ideas Network personality
JeffreyPotter speaking with other listeners

We were treated to take home logo items like pins, pint beer glass/ bottle openers in addition to savoring a light dinner of a Mexican buffet of variety of salsas, guacamole,chips, white beans, mini tortillas, cilantro and carne asada ( unfortunately pork which I didn’t try, but heard was good.)

It was a lovely evening and we feel equally proud and appreciative to have WPR and its wonderful programming.

As the saying goes, “See you on the radio” for many more years!

Future WPR events include:
Appleton, May 16: Happy Hour at Stone Arch at Riverview Gardens, Thursday, May 16 from 5 to 8 p.m. Have a drink, play yard games, and record your questions for WHYsconsin with
assorted WPR luminaries. RSVP here
Merrill, June 15: Meet with “The Morning Show” host Kate Archer Kent and WPR staff at the Sawmill Brewing Co. in Merrill, 4 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 15. We’ve got food trucks, outdoor games, and live music, too. RSVP hereRSVP and find more great events at
*P.S: And, for folks in the Bayfield area, don’t miss Larry Meiller’s live  “Garden Talk” broadcast at Bayfield in Bloomon Friday, May 10 from   9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. *Registration is appreciated and will help us plan, but it’s not required.

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