Time with Bouguereau

We switched our Milwaukee Rep tickets a day earlier and since the matinees are later on Saturdays we had time after my chicken mole fix at Conejitos to visit the Milwaukee Museum of Art’s Bouguereau’s exhibit which BTW will be leaving May 12th.

William Adolphe Bouguereau, a French artist popular in the Gilded Age America, born 1825, was known for his portraiture with an idealization of beauty with smooth skinned people and shiny, glowing hair. The wealthy were his patrons. His pieces are large and many of his subjects are almost life size.

As is the custom academic painters study and copy the Old Masters and classical Roman and Greek art, replicating these religious figures in daily life. Examples of this subject matter are in the exhibit’s first rooms.

Many of his nudes are surrounded by cupids whispering into the subject’s ear.

Bouguereau also did genre painting, every day scenes of different classes. Yet his subjects’s faces of the worker/poor didn’t display pain/ tiredness, his beggars’s feet were clean as were their clothes so he purposefully chose to idealize their plight.

Art speaks to one for different reasons and perhaps my favorite of the exhibit was a painting of mother and child with a white goat kid.

Our latest kid goat all white Dulce was born this week to Leche, we now have our own Dulce de Leche in the End of the Rainbow Valley. Hmmm, I understand how Bouguereau got his inspiration… Art imitating life and helping with smoothing out life’s wrinkles.

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