May Day

Many cultures associate May 1st, May Day as a springtime celebration. Perhaps you’ve even found a basket filled with goodies/flowers left secretly at your door. It probably isn’t its Labor Day history that brings back fond childhood memories…

Do grant me a little leeway being one day early even though it’s not TBT (Throw Back Thursday) as it’s impossible for me not to think about May Days of long ago in my childhood hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. Where now stands a neighborhood post office was once the site of the Little Red School House where my siblings and I attended preschool or as we used to call it nursery school.

The strongest memories of that early education include the playground. One was the monkey bars where one day determined to reach the other side, tongue protruding, I dropped midway and you guessed it, bit my tongue and both sides of my tongue still bear those scars . The other main memory was that of the May Day celebration.

May Day was one of those holidays that everyone especially teachers were working feverishly creating May Day flowers for our head garlands, coloring backdrops and making gazillions of tissue flowers for decorations besides practicing our parts in singing and dancing for the special celebration. It was a big deal.

We would even have a crowning of a King and Queen for whom we would perform. The main event was dancing around the Maypole in the courtyard which had been decorated with long streamers of satin ribbon. Each of my classmates and I would hold onto a ribbon and dance and sing around the Maypole. By the end of the dance the pole each ribbon would be wrapped around the pole.

Ours wasn’t this fancy and we were smaller (borrowed Internet Photo )

If I was home in Little Rock I could grab an old photo album share my little brother Marc being crowned King one year but alas my memory will just have to do for now…

Do you have any May Day traditions?

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