FOTO FRIDAY:Family to Family

Our city library system had another terrific program for National Library Week to reach out to families and encourage them to come in the library together. Offer free family photos.

Of course, families can encompass all kinds of groups too: ie your friends, shared interest organizations, and even one’s pets…

Dependent on the day and time photos would be taken at 3 of the city’s libraries. We took advantage of going late one afternoon and brought our newest family member, our rescue dog, Balto who had been with us a month at the time.

This was his first public building visit and Balto enjoyed all the petting and attention. If nothing else we appreciated him being able to be included in our family unit.

Each family would receive a digitized photo via email. As promised ours arrived this week. (below). The 3 libraries will display the professionally printed photos in May after which the participants will receive the print . How nice is that? Very nice . What a wonderful public service. Thank you La Crosse Public Library System,

Our Family- Natureman, Chaseburgmama & Balto

Do you have a pet photo to share? Please do. It’d be my pleasure to share. I know our newest addition has made our life richer already.

Remember I can always add your photos at any time. In case you missed last week’s FOTO FRIDAY here’s the link:

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