In Plein Air… Just What The Doctor Would Have Ordered

I was fortunate to receive a special invite to join some local artists for a demo of water miscible oils. The result is a watercolor like oil painting after a process of thin washes and subtractive techniques. Our hostess had spent a 3 day workshop with nationally known plein air artist Beth Bathe who inspired this demo.

Today’s subject matter was a landscape photo taken on a recent trip and interpreting it onto canvas.

First, an application of gesso created a linen like canvas followed by an Artisan Safflower water soluble oil which allows the canvas to be worked on for a good 24 hours to implement those techniques. It was suggested to use a limited palette of Cobra brand colors. (burnt umber, ultramarine blue and a touch of yellow) Water added to a 4″ flat brush helped thin the special oil paint and 2 different size squeegees ( a 6″ and much smaller 1″) , q-tips, Bounty paper towel and finger tips helped in the subtractive technique.

It was fascinating to watch the painting evolve so quickly.

I definitely see the appeal of this unique application and it is obvious by our hostess’s prolific work, she has become a big fan and today created some new fans too.

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