Surprise , It’s a Girl

I had good news awaiting me upon my return from Milwaukee on late Sunday afternoon. Zelda, one of our goats decided to give birth a couple weeks earlier than expected.

Talk about amazing timing , Zelda was just cleaning up her baby as I walked in and the baby was up and standing and working on finding those teats. A bit unstable on those little legs and just having been born but a nice sized kid. This is Zelda’s first and usually for the first there is just one kid. But I checked in on Mom and Baby more than once before bedtime.

Here I am holding Zelda’s mom Blanca when she was born and now I’m holding that kid’s granddaughter 10 years later.

2019 Blanca’s granddaughter, daughter of Zelda
2009 Louise’s kid Blanca, mother of Zelda

I posted our good news via FB and requested name suggestions. SO many responded with wonderful names.

Well, it turns out the most popular were Oreo, Midna/ Twlight with the newborn’s white patch representing the moon on a dark night and Sprinter, ‘supposed to be spring but it was more like winter.’

Drumroll please… The winning name was entered by Jenny from Milwaukee and Sprinter it is.

Sprinter latching on, just comes naturally…

Sprinter is healthy and strong and Zelda is being a really great mom. There’s nothing better than new life to mark Spring right here in the End of the Rainbow Valley.

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