The Happy Camper

I am not a happy camper when weather interrupts my well thought out plans. An annual trip to attend Milwaukee’s Art in Bloom, Passover shopping and visit was rudely interrupted by 3 inches of wet heavy snow with an evening of thunder snow, sleet,hail and rain. LOVELY , it was not. Treacherous to be exact. There was no way I could leave the End of the Rainbow Valley on Thursday as planned.

“I’ve had it” I exclaimed. Natureman knew I was serious. It’s just been one thing after another with this crazy weather and being stuck. I was so looking forward to seeing spring even if it had not arrived to our neck of the woods.

Friday am Natureman rushed his usual leisurely breakfast and got ‘Tractor’ started and moved those 3 inches of slush to make a path so I could leave by 9 am. Surprisingly, a super dry county highway awaited me and minimal interstate traffic besides one lane of 11 miles of construction near the Dells. I didn’t care because I was going to celebrate spring and art.

Upon arrival to the Milwaukee Museum of Art, I actually was late enough to be able to park underneath the museum and without getting windblown, walk right in. After renewing my yearly membership, it was time to renew my soul with the smells of hyacinths, beautiful bloom colors and green.

Below is a sampling of how floral designers, both professional and amateurs, interpret their chosen masterpiece.

My favorite is this last piece above actually designed by Abbey Gregorash who just happens to be a niece of my friend Charysse who used to my office mate when I taught at Cumberland in early 2000’s. It got my vote for the People’s Choice award.

Photo of artist, courtesy of Charysse who attended on Saturday.

Many of the entries used the same art that is used every year, common floral material, even inserting manmade objects to their arrangements.

This entry was filled with the often forgotten succulents and unusual plants, I feel Abbey’s entry embodied the true elements of the challenge of Art in Bloom. She should feel so proud of her work.

I left Art in Bloom reinvigorated not only could I face grocery shopping but the afternoon with the botanicals will last until our own first blooms and green return to the End of the Rainbow Valley.

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