There’s no place like home/ home sweet home…

There’s a saying that goes something like ‘ you don’t appreciate what you’ve got, until it’s gone… ‘ I think our group would attest to that after our month Salvadoran adventure. Nobody minded Javier, our airport ride being a bit early (before 4:30 am) to get us to the airport. The chatter was non-stop as anticipation had been growing as our departure grew nearer… no more sleeps, eh Erica?

Although I tried to convince all of us to go out for a last get together with a live Salvadoran salsa band at La Luna, only half of us ventured out. We did more chair dancing than actual floor moves but the band was great and both our ears and eyes got a workout as we watched the salsa choreography of a dancing couple right in front of us. I can only wish… Anyhow I don’t think any of us slept too much pre-airport ride.

Javier engaged me en route re: my favorite and least favorite part of my visit. I had to say my favorite part was the pueblo humilde, the humility of the people, they deal with what they have and hope, and then generously share what they do have. My least favorite was the ‘noise.’ San Salvador is a large city and my bedroom faces the street with a bus route, traffic, constant blowing of horns, car alarms being set off and people. But Javier said the safety issue bothered you, didn’t it? I had to admit that fear was always there. I explained that crime is not an issue where we live. Javier ruminated how the Salvadorans are just used to living with it and how nice it would be to visit somewhere where it would be missing.

The chatter of the girls and their excitement grew the closer we got after each our 3 flights.

Miami’s humidity wasn’t much different than San Salvador but once we cleared customs, we were happy campers. Planes were basically on time and despite one gate change in O’Hare, it was clear sailing… The girls dispersed as they fled to to the arms of their families and friends upon our La Crosse arrival and my job is done. I will miss my ‘pollitas'( little chicks) as this mother hen’s job is done as it’s going to be real quiet…but it’s good to be home!

As promised I will be updating the blog with pics. AND girls I’d love for you to share some of your reflections as you start processing our last month together. Hugs to you all!

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