Chuck E.Cheese and the Botanical Garden …

Sunday was our first day with ‘absolutamente nada que hacer’ ZIP. It was a good thing because this ‘country’ girl stumbled, ok tripped on a vine/ rock coming down the forest path on Saturday…I was praying extra hard that I had not broken my foot. Even a bad sprain would be tough to navigate with our remaining week. Fortunately elevating my ace bandaged foot and anti inflammatory drugs both topical and internal had me almost as good as new by Sunday afternoon’s ‘Family’ outing.

Remember now there are 2 little ones where I live, a 2 and 5 yr old. We were heading to Multi Plaza, a high class mall which I figured must have a children’s program going on. Silly me because as we approached the flashing lights I had a ‘flashback’ moment of entering Chuck E Cheese Salvadoran style.

Oh lordy,I would have OD’ed on ibuprofen. Isn’t it the worst U.S. things that are emulated in other places The kids are the same all over as they ran from machine to machine just punching buttons and moving levers, not worrying if they were playing or not.I basically tagged after the 2 year old as she scurried about with her newfound freedom. It was air conditioned so it was a nice reprieve before the evening rain and all the humidity.

Tuesday we took advantage of all this humidity as we visited the Laguna Botanical Garden – and no I did not put that on the program. We certain can’t grow tropicals like El Salvador without a green house! We enjoyed a cool, shady walk through the grounds amidst the oodles of school groups visiting this particular afternoon.

Although we were outside the hustle and bustle of the city our surroundings were anything but quiet. Our group was into the photo op and enthralled with the huge turtles in the pond.

I’m sure we all got some great pics!

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