Cinquera – today, yesterday and tomorrow

A bumpy cobblestone/ dirt/ rutted road considered the best route took us on the final stretch into the highlands of Cinquera where Don Pablo, the town’s historian shared his life in this country setting, a town that was demolished by mortar and gunfire during the civil war and has since been rebuilt. Lest anybody should forget, the bullet ridden facade was left on the church and a memorial of a destroyed helicopter and arms welcome visitors and townspeople as it sits in the middle of the town’s plaza.

Don Pablo’s 2 hours plus testimony included so much including his personal torture sessions and loss of 5 children. Don Pablo shared his story, the story of his country where governments, the church and the people didn’t act in the best interest of the pueblos. Living through all of this Don Pablo did not lose faith and today even holds weekly bible study. Hopefully some of our group will add their personal reflections to this visit but until them suffice it to say that it was emotionally draining… Hope always prevails that society’s ills will be cured but there is a lot to do.

Projects to move ahead and work on the future in this small pueblo include a fruit drying plant, an iguanario and mariposario. The guide forgot the key so we couldn’t see the drying ovens but we did see the solar panels that operate the ovens and the butterfly atrium is in between hatching so there were no butterflies, BUT we did get to see the iguanas (garrobos) which are raised to be sold as food and also for their eggs.

The temps started climbing as did we as we climbed the forest park trail which would be rewarded with a panoramic view atop a tower and followed by a dip in the mountain stream and waterfall pond. It was a hot one and every time that I think I have used every pore of my body, new ones seem to open up. That cold water was an amazing treat!

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