Mining and the Canadian Company Pacific Rim

Money always sounds great especially when you are impoverished and think that you will have more for your family to survive. Nobody mentions the fact that a poison ie. cyanide will seep into your water supply and illness will follow. And who knew that a mine in one day needs more than 10 years of your needed water supply to drill for its precious treasure? Maybe if you had known these facts ahead of time you would have refused to let this corporation ever begin mining for gold or silver that will destroy your land and your people. The average life expectancy of a mine is a little over 6 years but the destruction that it causes is forever. So it comes as no surprise that when El Salvador realized the mining consequences, the people were enraged. The small compensation that the people would receive was small pittance to the sacrifices that would have to be made. Now Pacific Rim is in court wanting recompensation for the money they have poured into the mining work that they have started… No way say the victims of this travesty of justice.

Our speaker from MUFRAS 32 is a lawyer who wants us to spread the word. AND BTW my dear North American friends realize that Pacific Rim is looking at Alaska next! Be aware.

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