Thursday’s cultural activity…

Thursday’s cultural activity involved watching HIJOS de la GUERRA, Sons of the War. This video specifically dealt with the gang who calls themselves MS-13 and the humongous gang warfare problem here in El Salvador. In a recent newspaper poll this is one of the biggest concerns besides economy for the Salvadorans. The history of the gangs and their future is very disturbing. Guerrilla trained kids, many orphaned from the civil war made their way to L.A. where life didn’t become easier as difficulties arose due to language and schooling besides being targets of their Mexican schoolmates. They joined with their fellow Salvadorans to form their own gang MS-13 to empower themselves. As they would be arrested by US police after various infractions and found to be undocumented, they were deported to their motherland. Upon returning, they couldn’t find jobs as they were not welcomed due to their changed speech, clothing and mannerisms but they were also covered in very obvious tattoos. So back to the gang world that they knew all too well and MS-13 grew and continues growing reaching 100,000 members worldwide.

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