Halfway …

Today marks our 2 week anniversary since we left La Crosse. Our emotions have zoomed up and down as we have been dealt situations out of our comfort zone including a variety of physical ailments. Our group is acclimating to their variety of home stays. In fact we have initiated group hugs just for ‘those’ moments when we need a little extra support.

I for example am in a home with 2 lawyers. Due to the cost of transportation the father of the family is now working from home. The family has 2 little ones, 5 and 2. (It’s a good thing Sam’s Kylie had already conditioned me to the high pitch squealing.) It’s fun talking to the kids and they love the extra attention and gives the family a bit of a break.

The family actually lives in 2 apartments and an intern and I both have bedrooms in one apt with our own bathroom. There is a sitting area but we eat breakfast and dinner in the family’s apartment as we are just separated by a patio. I think my room is 7×9 which allows enough space for a bed, chair and rollaway storage/closet area. It proves that one doesn’t need a lot of space and now makes my Viterbo office area seem humongous. This arrangement also allows for a little privacy. We have had one evening without water but fortunately it was back on the following day allowing for a shower. Today we are blessed with a cool breeze but our pores have really been working hard. The humidity of the rainy season combined with the heat has been a big adjustment to us Wisconsinites. Showers albeit cold are always a highlight to any day’s end.

Today our afternoon program has us heading to El Museo de la Palabra ( Museum of the Word ) We’ll let you know what that word is…

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