Almost 2 weeks as travelers…

Gee we are approaching the 2 week mark. In the Gate portion of the trip , every moment was preplanned for us and in this second part the group have very different lives and schedules as they are not only attending language school but also living in a Salvadoran´s home. That means for all of us no screens and perhaps sleeping under mosquito nets/not. We are not eating in a restaurant 3x/day and are for the most part subject to the diet of our hosts. YES Quite a change from spending 24/7 together. We have homework and instructors who don´t translate for us. It is overwhelming as we learn about cultural norms firsthand. I hope the students will eventually share their lives with you again but computer usage is a bit more difficult since the institutes´computers are slower than turtles if functioning. I accompanied a class to UES ( U of El Salvador) today to see the students´mural art.I can´t wait to go back with a camera but it was suggested not to have backpacks with us. BUMMER!

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