Monday, Monday and it’s back to school…

We were all in our places with bright smiling faces… awaiting to be assigned language levels which were based on a written grammar and oral interview. Every morning language classes will last from 8-12 with a half an hour break. A bell sounds and classes are released. WELL everybody came down for break with a smile on their face and we had an introduction game with all the students with musica and a ball. If the music stopped so did the ball, and the person holding the ball had to introduce themselves,tell where they were from and what they liked to do. Sound familiar methodology students? So besides our Wisconsin contingency there are 3 students from Canada, 1 from New Hampshire, 1 from Kansas and 1 from Conn. ( Yea- They are willing to show us the ropes since they have been here longer.) The main skill emphasis here is communicative and none of the teachers will speak English. This will really benefit the Pollitas whether they realize it or not. This is for the best. We will go get some lunch together which is the main meal of the day and then be back by 1:30 to have our Cultural Political Orientation program. We will meet at least 3x/week after English classes to do something cultural. This week will include a museum visit, a video about gangs, and outings on both Saturday and Sunday. I think we will keep plenty busy!

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