One week is gone…

Wow we have completed our first week and as you have read it has been super full. Due to upset tummies and the like,  reminders are constant about the use of antibacterial goop to constantly wash hands and to be continually rehydrating. I feel like a broken record but our bodies just aren´t used to a new place´s germs in addition to being a lot warmer than to what these Wisconsin bodies are accustomed.  Amber and Erica will write about day 7´s outings. Hold on because it was a curvy and very bumpy road up and down. 🙂

Hola again. This is Erica speaking! Good news- I am back on my feet and basically back to normal thanks to Karen, and Dona Sarah (the owner of the hotel) and her Doctor Son in law! I took a day off to rest and recover and Day 7 was my first day back with the group. Today we went to La Puerta del Diablo (The Devil’s Gate). It was a very curvy and bumpy ride as Karen has mentioned and I was thankful no one tossed their cookies on the drive. Once we arrived at our destination we were able to climb to the top of the point where we had a great very of the country. We were able to see many surrounding cities and through the haze we could even see the ocean and the waves crashing. It was awesome!!!

It was quite the hike and although we were all pretty beat by the time we got to the top, the view was definitely worth it! We were all very grateful to be able to get out of the bus and stretch our legs a bit too.

After Our time at La Puerta Del Diablo, we went to a local art museum that showcased local artists’ work. The paintings were breath taking! They also had some dolls to show the differences between indigenous El Salvadorean (Is that a word?) dress compared to that of the Spanish. There was also a comparison of a hand made garment that would cost a women over $300 and a machine made one that would only cost around $25! UNREAL! In the back of the museum there was a spot for students to come and do homework. There was also a theater were some of the theater students would put on performances. While we were there, some students we reading through a script. It was great to see this place for students to come and work and also nice to see some very motivated young people!

Next, we walked down the block to see an old church.

I believe it was around 400 years old! The art was fantastic but being that it was 400 years old and the people do not have enough money to preserve them but we could still see their beauty. Outside the church there was a school and once again

Grant was able to talk to some of the local kids who always seem so eager to talk to people and who are always smiling!

Amber: During the second portion of day 7 we talked to “Cherie´s kids”.

This is a youth leadership program in El Salvador that attracts youth and gives them a positive group to be a part of. We talked with three youth that are within the program; Alexia, Daniel, and Roberto. These youth are working in their communities to combat the youth gangs and violence. It was powerful to hear these young adults talking about the impact they have made and the goals that they have. At a young age they are striving to make large changes, and it shows how people, even youth, can make a big difference.

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