Water project

This is where the drilling was done and where
the pump was place underground.

Hello, my name is Amber and I am a senior nursing student at Viterbo University.  I am experiencing the GATE portion of the El Salvador trip with the goal of getting a new outlook on the world and experiencing a new culture much different than my own.  So far I have been accomplishing this goal, and even more so after we visited the water project in Sonsonate.

On the left side of the picture is the start
of the collection tank that they are building.
The base is finished and they are waiting
to finish the walls. You can see some of the
proud locals that were there to show us around.

Sonsonate is a community of approximately 300 people.  The community has worked together to purchase the land and begin the process of getting access to clean water.  The process involved drilling a well, laying the pipes for the water, building a housing unit for the electrical system that will pump the water, and building a water tank.  This has been a long process for these individuals and is still not complete.  The water tank is still in process but they are so enthusiastic about the day they will have water. 

They were very proud to show us their running

As Americans we tend to forget about how priviledged we are and take water for granted.  We are able to walk a few feet within our home and has access to clean water.  The visit to Sonsonate really opened my eyes to the difficulties that people are facing around the world, yet they are still full of hopes and dreams for the future.  The people of Sonsonate really welcomed us into their community and showed great appreciation that we had taken interest in their project and overall well being.  This is just one example of how great the community was and how effectively they are working together to accomplish a common goal.  If I took anything from this visit it was that when people work together and have a positive outlook there is a lot of good that can be done.

* Photos will be added of our visit to the water project, a women´s bakery and a sewing home purse making industry. This NGO has some of its projects sponsored by GATE… the money for the well alone was $16,000  as stone layers had to be drilled through, the bakery needed mixers and the seamstresses needed push pedal sewing machines…

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