Saturday was a very emotional day as in the am we visited where Archbishop Romero was assassinated and in the afternoon heard a testimonial from a member of Co- Madres, an organization whose members are victims of the ´disappeared.´ I will let our students elaborate on their impressions.  Do interject your comments as we continue our processing. A BIG THANKS  to Erica for taking the time to upload pics for our blog. More to come.´IF you want to be able to view previous blog entries just join as a follower at  ( El Salvador y Nosotros)  and you can read any/áll our posts.. We have an earlier departure today Day 4 so I have a feeling new postings may not be available until this evening…

One thought on “DAY 3 PROCESSING

  1. Thank you all for taking the time from your trip to keep us informed. As much as I do not like technology-I do have to say that this is such a wonder to be able to keep in contact when you are all so far away. I really think that not only you all will grow from this experience, but so will we. I hope that when you are in the guest houses that you will still be able to have access to the internet. Miss you all. Have a good time and thanks again! Peg


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