Day 2 … oh no, the list is a long one today!

2 days and counting… AND Yesterday was such a productive day that I am worn out just thinking about all that got done.  It really was a dilemma having so much to do inside with a drop dead gorgeous day outside. I am so bad that I even moved parts of inside projects out just to be in the fresh air and sunshine.  There were moments that I was chasing after flying pics as the wind got a bit rambunctious. I had two photo projects, one that took me down memory lane and the other which would be a hostess gift… Mom always said gifts from the heart are the most appreciated. Therefore I decided that a homemade gift would definitely be the most appropriate for this cultural exchange and I would come up with a project that would share where I live and one of my passions with my hosts…
For a first time endeavor I made cards using my botanical photographs of plants found here in the End of the Rainbow Valley. AND you know what? They came out so nice that I don’t want to give them away!   If I had bought them, I would just buy an extra set for myself. 🙂 It almost took as long to decide what  groupings would make up each gift then the actual production. Anyhow, after seeing them, Irv began to have grandiose ideas of a cottage industry with botanical notecards. ‘Natureman’ is always trying to sway me into the craft art industry. Man can not live by ‘art’ alone is my retort. But it sure would be nice if it could pay for health insurance!
Well onto the long trip list of things to accomplish today. Oh no, the sun is out. Maybe a little weed pulling before I start that list today. One really appreciates these perfect spring days after such a long, long winter… Ok I ‘have to’ share the newest addition to the flower bed anyway-
Isn’t he the cutest?  You have heard of June bugs, right? This is a Spoon Bug.

One thought on “Day 2 … oh no, the list is a long one today!

  1. I had no idea you were such an incredible photographer…yet another talent. I think Irving is right – especially if he acts as your manager and salesman :). I adore the spoon bug and am jealous. I need to find something similar. One can never have too many metal trinkets in the yard.


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