Day 5 and PACKING…

One good thing about having a job is it removes endless shopping possibilities.  Whether you have funds/not doesn’t deter a real shopper but a job removes that free time to go to one’s favorite stores.  A real shopper knows shopping has absolutely nothing to do if one needs anything or not.  Now that I am done with school and going on a trip and TJ MAXX is my favorite store, here I come… I do have a
 mission… cotton apparel. 
These last unseasonably warm days here have reminded me about clothing that breathes.  El Salvador will be in its rainy season during our month’s stay. We were also instructed to dress moderately.  No sleeveless shirts. EEGADS! Therefore, the chore of packing the appropriate type and amount of clothing will consume my thoughts these last 5 days before departure. I come by this ‘packing procedure’ honestly as my Dad was Navy trained…  we have lists and we roll everything. My daughter has inherited this skill so well that she even packs others’ suitcases … but my son must have a derivative gene … he can just throw things into a suitcase before he heads to the airport. Of course he usually arrives with wrinkled clothes without socks, a dress shirt or some other essentials…What I have learned through all my travels is that there are stores elsewhere…
Thank goodness for space to start the arduous packing procedure. The guest bedroom has become ‘packing central’ and as I find items that ‘need’ to travel with me, the guest bed will become the collecting place. Sorry, no room for couchsurfing guests nor scrapbook projects this week…  The piles will continuously change as I opt for different combos/add and eliminate choices. This procedure will not end until the ‘last’ zipping en route to the airport when I find something in the car that I can not live without.
Usually I travel with a hiking back pack as it frees one’s hands and doesn’t require check in nor waiting at the baggage carousel . Nowadays it evens saves that additional airlines charge. BUT a month’s stay and being Mother Hen may necessitate a suitcase. Hmmm backpack/suitcase? BOTH options will sit as I decide what all will go…  would you like to take a guess?
I know you are excited to think you could be hearing about clothing selection for these next entries… but I promise you other topics will be broached as in ‘ Am I losing my mind?  Where did I put the signed trip contracts that need to be returned to the University?

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