MOM always knows BEST/ These shoes are meant for walking…

My Mom was really on my mind yesterday as I began the search for the perfect ‘travelling’ shoes. You see she always stressed the importance of good shoes… that looks didn’t matter when it came to comfort and durability.  AND ‘Mom always knows best’ although I have to admit that she had some ‘pretty ugly’ shoes. It did seem to take me way too long to understand the wisdom of her words after numerous blisters/aching feet throughout the years. Gee what women sacrifice for ‘good looking’ very ‘uncomfortable’ shoes. 
(*My friend Pinque just won an photography award for these silver beauties.)
Most countries’ citizens use their feet not their cars to go everywhere. So I knew that my really broken in favorite shoes were not the answers for this Salvadoran adventure. It’s not like we have oodles of shoe stores to choose from in La Crosse but I did have to spend the entire afternoon scouring store after store after a style of ‘Merrills’ that I would soon discover didn’t exist any smaller than a ‘6’. Grrrrrrrr. The problems of having small ‘kid’ sized feet.  Are you ready for this?  Size 3 Kids/ Size 4/5 women’s.
You might think that wow one could really save a lot of money because kids shoes are cheaper than women’s but 2 major facts exist regarding the different categories;1) most kids shoes look like kid shoes and 2) many tend to not be made as well since kids grow out of their shoes very quickly… So the shoe quest is always on and when I find a shoe that fits, I usually buy it. Irv calls me the Imelda Marcos of Chaseburg due to the number of shoes that fill my closet. I can’t help it, I tell him, “my feet don’t grow.”
I am proud to admit that I experienced success. I found not only one but two pairs that should fare me well for lots of walking.  
Now be honest – Do you think that they’re ugly? 

2 thoughts on “MOM always knows BEST/ These shoes are meant for walking…

  1. no! they are not ugly. excited to be a part of your pre-travel preparations. have a fantastic time! we'll catch up when you get back … perhaps our schedules will align then!sadie 🙂


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