In One Week.. El Salvador

It’s difficult to believe that in one week’s time that I will be en route to El Salvador for a month long adventure with the GATE (Global Awareness through Education) program. Participants will include 3 Viterbo staff and 7 students along with one student from UW-L. Four members will return home after the first 10 days and then I will be the sole staff with the language institute participants.

For right now my main concern is making sure grades are in and then the trip errands will begin in earnest. As of this week, I have received the necessary group paper work and funds.  Health forms, passport copies, home stay and important addresses with contact numbers. Today I will receive an international phone to use with instructions. How much technology can a person handle all at once?    Gee, a blog and a phone all in the same 24 hours…

As suggested I have borrowed locks for the suitcase and a money belt. You have to know that I am not the type of person who ever really carries money so this is a bit disturbing to be carrying funds for so many sources. My motto is if you need cash there’s always an ATM machine!

The bank is on the list for today’s today list where I will notify the sources of travel plans and possible debit card use outside the U.S. and then I will cash one of the program checks for the emergency stash.

AND so reality sets in… in one week’s time we will be on our way for a big adventure! El Salvador countdown… one week – 7 days and counting…

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